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Dark SoapStone: The Secret of Darker Side of an Amazing Stone

The dark splendour revealing its mystery of wonders beneath. Soapstone, created, dark is a natural stone that magnifies the concept of beauty in black shades. Brazil, the land of dark skins is its birth place. Be it, the tops of counters, back splashes, naturally formed water falls, islands, floors, accent walls and business premises, Black Soapstones are the makers. They are durable by nature and, easy on maintenance. These stones naturally react with the air and the greenish substance on their surface, reveals the characteristic beauty. They gain veins of Ochre, White, Green and Beige shades. Their Pale Grey, with random markings adds Blue and Green tones to them.


Sandstones are dense and non porous and their countertops darkens as any liquid stagnates on the surface. Visibly, they come back to normal light colour, when liquid is cleaned off. They resist heat and acids. An oil treatment or wax treatment showcase the Onyx-hued black material.

A velvet stone from nature Christened by the colour.

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