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On Request Product

Our on request page is for sellers and buyers to list or supply the products which are either not available on our collection or out of stock. 

90 % of the time we are able to find any stone for our fabricator inquiries within the wide range of collection from our registered suppliers. However at rare occasions when we are not able to find them we make use of our on request page and promote the requirement to suppliers across the UK and help the buyer to procure the stone. 

Sellers make use of this featured page to identify enquires which they can fulfil and also identify the products which are in demand. 

Discover Slabs

Natural and engineered stones manufacturers have come up with countless variants of slabs for the end consumer to choose from and to meet their desires. In this globalized market, consumers get introduced to all the products and grow their interests which get fabricators and suppliers bound to work together and meet customer expectations.  

Sometimes this gets complicated in finding readily available stocks for a few materials including outdated ones. If a buyer is not able to find stocks for a material that's when they can make use of our On request page to display their requirement to various stone suppliers, distributors, manufactures, etc in one place.

How does it work? 

We have simplified the process and constantly updating it with better solutions.

First, a buyer contacts us with their requirement or posts the inquiry details on our webpage which automatically sends a notification to sellers across the UK. Our verified sellers who have the material readily available in the UK supplies for the fabricator.

Discover Remnant

Is a special service for registered fabricators, where we help them find the same stone's remnant material, In close proximity to registered fabricators service location.

Not always do you require a full slab for every project, but at the same time finding the offcuts matching your original materials can be time-consuming.

At work-tops we make use of our platform to support fabricators and help them find the stone by displaying the requirement on our On-request page to various fabricators in the region who might want to get rid of his offcut. 

As part of CSR activity, our sustainability goals for the stone industry focus on maximizing the use of available stone resources without compromising on the quality, economy, society, and environment. 

Natural & Engineered stone suppliers can sign up with us for free to receive on-request inquiries directly to your sales inbox.

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