Darker Shades of Natural and Engineered Stone Worktops

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Darker shades of both natural and engineered stones are frequently used for bathroom and kitchen worktops, flooring, and even as furniture accents. Dark coloured stone materials, especially when utilised to cover kitchen worktop, island and peninsula countertop or bathroom vanities, create a sense of consistency and continuity. Black marble is one of the most frequently selected dark marble hues. Obviously, it is not the only type of marble used for those kinds of applications, but there is no denying that black marble always adds a touch of exclusivity and elegance to any setting. Natural stone wall or floor cladding in black adds a touch of sophistication and a feeling of elegance.The features and characteristics of dark coloured stones vary from material to material, which shall be discussed in detail in the upcoming sections. Learn More



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Darker Shades of Stone Varieties Offered by Work-tops

We at Work-tops have 300+ stone varieties in darker shades that suit all kinds of construction purposes. We have dark granites, dark marbles, dark limestones, dark slates, porcelain, quartzite, travertines, obsidiana, and also darker shades of tiles for all of these categories. So, be it kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or outdoors of homeowners, or requirements on a larger scale by designers, architects, kitchen fabricators, worktop installers, collections from our Darker Shades are incredibly robust and suit all kinds of situations. Work-tops offer different choices for all kinds of budgets.

Dark Quartz 

Quartz is offered in almost all colours existing currently. Whether you want brown, black, dark grey, dark blue, dark green, or any deep hue, Work-tops has it all. You can use darker shades of quartz slabs for a wide range of purposes like kitchen worktops, kitchen islands, floorings, splashbacks, feature shelves, office worktops, reception desks, coffee desks, chopping boards, wall panels, sinks, etc.

Dark Granite - Composition 

Most frequently, black granite is actually gabbro, a basalt-like mafic intrusive igneous stone. Pyroxene, plagioclase, and trace quantities of dark green and amphibole make up the majority of the minerals that make up gabbro. Granite's pink tint is caused by an excess of potassium feldspar within.

Dark Coloured Granite - Features

Dark Granites are easy to clean, enduring, heat-resistant, and increase the property value by manifolds. Black granites are regarded as the pinnacle of an elegant, authentic, and long-lasting design. Your dark countertop attracts attention by giving a sleek and sophisticated touch, which detracts from the kitchen. Some finishes, including as honed, aged, polished, or leather, can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen.

Dark Marble - Composition

As mentioned in the last paragraph, the features and characteristics of dark coloured stones vary from material to material. In the case of darker shades of marble, sedimentary rocks like black and brown limestones or dolomites make up the great bulk of them. These rocks are polished to a shiny surface to produce dark marble. The dark colour of this type of stone is mostly explained by its origin on geological platforms that have received a sizable volume of sediments with plenty of organic materials and carbonate under anaerobic environments.

Dark Coloured Marble - Popular Uses

Dark marbles like brown, dark-grey and black can be used for a large number of applications. It is used for walkways framing, wall cladding, and internal and exterior flooring. Vanity and sink tops in bathrooms, kitchen counters, and other applications requiring worktops are also widely preferred uses for these marbles.

Having a Dark Kitchen

One benefit of choosing dark kitchen countertops is that they hide spills and stains better than lighter shades. This gives you a bit more flexibility when it comes to cleaning your countertops, and it can mean they stay looking great for longer even if they do pick up some stains over time.

Dark worktops go well with painted cabinets, which are currently very popular in blue and green. tones. White cabinets look best when paired with dark counters for a traditional appearance. Because they are so neutral, grey, cream, and other mid-tone hues are quite popular.

Dark Worktops Installation
Contact 0330 113 5868 or email info@work-tops.com to get your dark kitchen worktops installed within just 10 days, at the best price.