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Lighter shades worktops are elegant and make your kitchen look clean and subtle. People who opt for lighter shades of countertops can definitely choose these stones for their kitchens, bathrooms, living room tiles, bedrooms, etc. All stones in one place.

Lighter Shades Stones:

Light Granite:

Because of its durability and timeless appearance, granite is widely regarded as one of the best countertop materials. It has remained popular despite changing interior design trends over the years. However, with so many colours available, selecting the right colour granite countertop can be difficult. Light coloured granite countertops are versatile and can be the perfect finishing touch for a variety of kitchen designs, from traditional to modern. Consider some of our favourite light granites for kitchen countertops. Learn more


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White Macaubas Granite:

White Macaubas quartzite is another name for White Macaubas granite, a type of white Brazilian granite with pronounced irregular charcoal veins. On a white base, white Macaubas granite has sporadic linear charcoal and beige veining. The linear veining benefits both classic and modern areas. Available in 2 cm and 3 cm slab sizes, they will add personality and drama to both interior and outdoor applications.

  • Naturae means "natural stone."

  • High heat resistance

  • Medium water resistance

  • Indoor and outdoor applications

  • Very high durability

  • Kitchen worktops, splashbacks, sinks, basins, upstands, window sills, flooring, wall cladding, pool coping, patios, and other applications

Alaska Granite:

Alaska White Granite is a beautiful blend of delicate silver and foggy white that is presented with warm neutrals and onyx tones. The stunning colour of Alaska White granite is arguably its most noticeable feature. It is popular among homeowners because of its vibrant background and eye-catching mineral design. Furthermore, this granite stone is resistant to continuous use both inside and outside your home.


Its stunning colour is Alaska White granite. It is one of the most popular choices among homeowners due to its bright background and contrasting mineral pattern. This granite stone is also long-lasting, allowing it to be used both inside and outside your home. Moreover, the mineral pattern on this stone helps to cover up dirt and smudges. Additionally, Alaska White granite is compatible with a wide range of colour schemes, making it a more versatile choice for homeowners.

Lighter Shade Quartz Worktop:

Light colours in general are becoming increasingly popular, particularly when it comes to light-colored countertops. Quartz is available in a variety of white shades as well as marble-look quartz. We've chosen a few room scenes to show how important white and light colours are in the design of kitchens and bathrooms.

Venatino Quartz:

Venatino Quartz is a timeless classic with a stunning marble appearance. Venatino marble is a natural stone that was inspired by Venatino quartz. It is designed with stunning additional grey veins to mimic the appearance of tree branches dancing in the wind, making it more interesting. Its properties are very similar to those of marble stone. It adds beauty to the home by being both dramatic and modern. Venatino Quartz is popular due to its colour and vein structure. You will get a crisp and classic look no matter where you use this beautiful quartz. It is suitable for worktops, docks, floors, decorative walls, and backsplashes in both residential and commercial settings. 

Benefits of Venatino Quartz: 
High Temperature Resistance 

Venatino quartz is resistant to high temperatures of up to eighty degrees ° f as well as freezing.

Extreme Durability and Strength, with High Stain, Scratch, and Impact Resistance

Venatino quartz has a low porosity rating, making it stain resistant. Its composition of 90% natural quartz makes it extremely hard and resilient.

Low-Maintenance and Simple to Clean and Care 

Venatino Quartz countertops are the hardest stone and Lighter shade surfaces, made from one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals. They are nonporous, non-toxic, do not require sealants, and do not harbour bacteria, mould, or mildew, making them safe and hygienic for ultimate cleanliness.It also requires very little maintenance, requiring only basic, everyday cleaning products.

Cashmere Quartz: 

Cashmere Quartz is a smooth, softly veined grey quartz with an elegant personal signature that can be used in commercial or residential settings. This is a must-have for those who prefer traditional models and comes in 20mm and 30mm slabs as well as fabricated quartz options. Create stunning white quartz countertops, floors, waterfall islands, accent walls, and backsplashes in bathrooms and kitchens. Wearing this dreamy quartz anywhere will give you a crisp, classic look that is also trendy.

Benefits of Cashmere Quartz:
Ease Of Maintenance

There is no need for sealing, polishing, or reconditioning. Cashmere quartz, unlike granite, resists stains from common food items such as wine and coffee.

Durability and Strength

Engineered quartz surfaces are just as durable as granite.

Natural Ingredients

This product is made of pure natural quartz, which is an extremely hard stone and the hardest non-precious stone on the planet's surface.

Lighter Shade Marble Worktop:

Marble countertops are available in a variety of colours and have colour variations within their composition. The majority of natural marble has earth tones and flecks of white, tan, grey, green, brown, or black. Depending on the colour of your marble, you may want to use an accent decorating colour found in the marble.

Carrara White Honed Marble 

Carrara White Honed Marble is a luxurious marble tile that was used as statuary marble in Roman times, and it is also found in the Taj Mahal which is Lighter shades. It has a white background and greyish veining. With a variety of sizes, they are suitable for 

both commercial and residential applications.

Benefits of Carrara White Honed Marble 
  • Carrara marble emits coolness into a room, helping to keep the temperature moderate. Prior to the invention of air conditioning, marble floors were popular. 
  • Carrara marble countertops complement the majority of kitchen designs and work well with both light and dark cabinetry. 
  • While marble countertops are less expensive than other countertop materials, they are more prone to staining and scratches; however, a good sealer and the use of trivets, coasters, and placemats can minimise damage and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the marble. 
  • Smaller slab yard pieces can be fitted to window sills and other unique spaces, saving money.

Carrara Gioia Marble: 

A background of "greyish white" with thin and feathered grey veining.

Carrara White Gioia is a very solid white marble tile with light grey veining that is very attractive and elegant for indoor use. To bring out the beauty of this marble, polished and honed finishes are suggested. only for internal use. It is appropriate for walls and floors, bathrooms, wet rooms, and under-floor heating. This includes, but is not limited to, use in clubs/bars, restaurants, lobbies, hotels, shops, and many other places. 

Benefits of Carrara White Gioia 

Despite marble's softness, which is an excellent attribute for seamless fabrication and cutting, the stone is robust, allowing it to be used in some of the most innovative marble applications in private residences, public spaces, and even furniture sets that have gone far beyond the material's typical usage. 


Marble's low porosity ensures that no bacteria can penetrate its surface. Your marble worktops with a very diluted solution of dishwashing detergent  


Upon delivery, our production team applies a professional natural stone sealant coating to your marble slabs. Our worktop installers apply an additional layer of this sealant when completing your kitchen worktop, bathroom, fireplace, or floor installation. 

Calacatta Vagli Marble:

Calacatta Vagli Marble from Italy is a stunning and stylish blend of whites with grey veins. This polished finish of natural stone marble is appropriate for interior projects such as walls, benchtops, countertops, and flooring in both residential and commercial buildings. 

The Calacatta Vagli marble, with white and light grey areas, is an attractive marble that comes in a honed, polished finish and a variety of sizes. Calacatta Vagli Oro Marble, Calacatta Vagli Venato Marble, Calacatta Vagli Oro Vena Marble, Calacatta Vagli Extra Marble, Calacatta Vagli Marble, Calacatta Macchia Oro Marble, Marmo Calacatta Vagli

Benefits of  Calacatta Vagli Marble 
  • No sealing is required for low maintenance. 
  • Acid and stain resistant materials will not be etched by acidic substances. 
  • No sun exposure, insufficient for the outdoors, discoloration under UV rays
Panda White Porcelain

Panda White is known for its striking black veins on a white background that flows smoothly. Mimicking the same kitchen marble, stunningly realistic Panda White Porcelain has been created, almost perfectly replicating it, making it the most outstanding black and white tile ever. 

Because of the perfectly cut porcelain tiles, your wall and floor applications will look super clean and seamless. This innovative marble effect stone, with veining and marble detail, is ideal for high-end, chic home interior design schemes as well as commercial projects.

Benefits of Panda White Porcelain
  • These natural stone effect tiles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 
  • They are long-lasting, provide excellent stability, and are simple to maintain. The 3200*1600mm size allows for a more straightforward and seamless installation. 
  • Each porcelain slab has a distinct pattern, and when lined together, the tiles create a striking black and white pattern on the surface.


Fabrication and Installation

For kitchen worktops, backsplashes, floor tiles, and bathroom vanity installation, you can send your enquiry to or call 0330 113 5868. Our experts nearest to your location will complete your kitchen worktop project right from template-to-installation within just 14 days.