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Mirror Shades Stones for Your Kitchen, Bathroom and Tiles

Mirror Shades Quartz is as durable as granite and comes in as many custom colours as granite. That is why homeowners and designers have made quartz the leading countertop material in the country, surpassing granite in kitchens. Learn More

Mirrored Quartz:

Quartz is a natural stone bonded with resin that is long-lasting, stain-resistant, and scratch- and chip-resistant. Unlike granite and marble, quartz does not require sealing and cleans up easily with soap and water.

Quartz choices with flecks that capture light and sparkle have recently become popular premium options. The glimmer adds glamour and elegance to any space, almost dancing in the light on counters, backsplashes, and floors.

Mirrored Obsidiana:

So, before you choose obsidian for your kitchen countertop, make sure it is in a low traffic area so it can last a long time. If you have a high traffic kitchen, consider using a more durable material like quartz or quartzite.

How will These Mirrored Stones Level Up Your Kitchen? 

Increase the Richness

All quartz has a natural mirror shade that reflects light, whether natural or artificial. Quartz with mirror shades, on the other hand, adds movement to counters, giving long stretches of kitchen islands and counters the appearance of twinkling. For example, Sparkling Black Quartz brightens the midnight black colour with random sparkles that tie together kitchen elements like stainless steel appliances and shiny lacquer cabinets.

This Makes White More Interesting

Although white kitchens are timeless, they can appear monotonous. Premium quartz, on the other hand, adds a splash of colour to white kitchens. 

Excellently Makes Bold

Bold colours can make a design statement, but long swaths of them can be overwhelming. However, by adding some sparkle to bright colours, you can make your design stand out without feeling overpowering. Ruby Quartz sparkles with black, silver, and white specks on a crimson background that soaks up light. Consider covering an accent wall or center island with this quartz to create a stunning white display.

Compatible with Nature

Nature rarely runs in single colours. If you look closely, what appears to be a deep red rose is actually a mix of reds, browns, and even blacks. Quartz with tiny speckles makes solid surfaces appear more natural.

Glow is Added

A little sparkle brightens up rooms with dark colours or small spaces. Grey Quartz has a mid-gray background with lighter and darker specks, making it ideal for modern designs.

Mirrored Shades Backsplash: 

A mirrored splashback has the advantage of being able to be used anywhere a regular splashback would be (tiles, glass, etc.). They are ideal for kitchens, but they are also suitable for bathrooms, laundries, and even outdoor wet areas such as outdoor kitchens.

Because they are available in a variety of colours, you can select the one that best matches the design of your specific room, and because they are so reflective, they are fantastic for making your space appear larger, which is great as people try to make their homes feel bigger and more open plan.

Maintenance of Mirror Shades:

Use a Soft Cloth 

Glass splashbacks may be scratched if they are cleaned with a metal or plastic-based cleaning device. Instead, scrub with a lint-free towel to avoid scratching the "underside." Microfiber cloths are a great way to clean your glass splashback.

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaning Supplies

For cleaning splashbacks, glass cleaner is an obvious choice, but you can also use methylated spirits or even hot soapy water! The key is to avoid using abrasive cleansers intended for stain removal or heavy soiling. They leave tiny grooves in your glass every time you use them.

Keep Your Backsplash Clean

The best way to keep your glass backsplash clean is to clean it on a regular basis. Wipe away stains as they appear, and clean your splashback thoroughly every 2 weeks or so.

Utilize White Vinegar

Do you have streaks on your splashback glass? Try white vinegar! It's a quick and easy solution that's also less expensive than store-bought cleaners. On overcast days, clean

Mirror Shades of Stones: 

Astral Lactea Obsidiana

Astral Lactea Obsidiana is a white-coloured engineered surface material from COMPAC's Obsidian series collection. It has a creamy white background with a glittery appearance due to sparkling mirrored/glass flecks of varying sizes scattered randomly across the surface. Astral Lactea has a sophisticated appearance, and its elegance and beauty will complement any setting. Because of their resistance to extreme weather, they are an excellent choice for the kitchen floor or bathroom.

Azabache Astral Obsidiana

Astral Azabache is a black-coloured engineered surface material from the Obsidian series collection. It has a jet black background with sparkling white dots of varying sizes scattered randomly across the surface to resemble a constellation in space. Astral azabache has a sophisticated appearance, and its elegance and beauty will complement any setting. Because of their resistance to extreme weather, they are an excellent choice for the kitchen floor or bathroom.

White Mirror Quartz:

White Mirror Quartz has a variety of properties, including a traditional look of quartz and crystal glass, as well as speculative quartz chunks. The white mirror quartz has a beautiful white background with shiny mirror glass speckles to add a fine feature. It will give you a good and peaceful look in your surroundings because it is white-based mirrored surface quartz.

Red Starlight Quartz:

Red Starlight Quartz is a unique and bright choice for dark monochrome countertops. With a polished finish and mirrors and other small crystals embedded in the surface of the stone. This eye-catching shiny quartz countertop is an excellent choice for injecting much-needed colour and life into your kitchen or bathroom.

Mirror Quartz Bianco

Bianco Mirror Quartz is a stunning white stone slab with small mirrored flecks distributed throughout the surface, as the name suggests. Its non-porous surface allows it to be used in a wide range of interior design projects, including bathroom and kitchen renovations. It is an excellent solution for many commercial and official settings, as well as kitchens and bathrooms, due to its stain resistance, water and moisture resistance, non-porousness, and great durability.