Customer Service

UK- Customer Service Representative:

If you are somebody with passion to serve people, and desire to resolve queries, join the team as a Customer Service Representative.

At, both Voice and Non-voice Customer Service Representative play vital roles and are considered key contributors to the Company's growth as selling our service is the heart of our business.

As a Customer Service Representative, you will educate the buyer about our services and share your perspective, without sounding too pushy yet promoting your service. It requires making sure there is a mutual fit between the buyer, supplier, and our services. It's also about knowing our competitor's weaknesses and strengths and being forthcoming about them. It requires having product knowledge and knowing trends and challenges in our industry. The best Representative understands the importance of strong customer service, has a knack for closing deals, creates a warm welcome for all customers and tries to exceed their expectations.


  • Good command of written and spoken English 
  • Customer oriented
  • An interactive communicator
  • Active listener
  • Passion to serve
  • Positive, courteous and confident
  • Self-motivated and ambitious
  • Dynamic and goal oriented
  • Excellent Negotiation skills
  • Customer management and time-management skills
  • Resilient with ability to cope with rejection
  • Proficient computer knowledge with willingness to learn new technologies
  • Must be acquainted with social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.

Key Responsibilities

  • Answering live chat
  • Creating contacts in the CRM after receiving enquiries from various sources
  • Updating Enquiry sheet 
  • Maintaining up-to-date database in the Zoho CRM
  • Keeping record of customer interactions
  • Interacting with UK customers
  • Following up customer queries via whatsapp/calls/emails
  • Preparing estimates and invoices
  • Persuading new leads to use our services/products
  • Proactive lead interactions
  • Building relationships with existing clients.
  • Maintaining everyday reports for management
  • Resolving complaints and service issues
  • Target Achievement: The performance of all Customer Service Representative will be calculated on the basis of number of enquiries converted to sales


NOTE: The Non-Voice Customer Service Representatives will be responsible for the selling of our service completely via written communication in accordance with the Voice Team, whereas, Voice Customer Service Representatives will be doing written communication as well as vocal communication via phone calls.