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ABROLHOS CROCODILE GRANITE is a kind of green granite that is mined in Brazil. 

Description: This stunning granite features waves and streaks of green and beige that are intertwined with vivid purple and gold veins. The overall physical appearance of the granite slab with veining makes it look like a crocodile’s body. Infact, the meaning of Abrolhos is thorns or prickles, like the one’s present on the beast’s back. The unique design and pattern of this granite can make a statement in your living spaces. 

Suitable applications: This granite is suitable for a lot of applications, both interior as well as exterior. They make fabulous kitchen worktops, kitchen breakfast bars, kitchen islands, table tops, interior wall cladding, staircase, pavings, pool copings, architectural works, monuments, and various other design projects.  

Synonymous names: Crocodile bamboo, Verde Abrolhos Crocodile Granite, Abrolhos Granite, Abrolhos Green Crocodile Granite