Fossils of sea creatures make their design like impressions that make this marble so special and naturally designed. This stone, apart from fossilised designs has a total different surface designs that on some surfaces of slabs the background become completely plain and on which you find rattle marks that are clear. To get a good design with the rattle marks you are suggested to choose larger slabs and blocks that might satisfy you with the completion of the markings. Anyway, you don’t have only take marks but have messily fossilised designs also, which are suitable for a smaller slabs. So, where do you place these? If you are constructing huge premises like malls, hotels, airport, you can floor the surfaces with these slabs. If you are planning designer walls at the exterior and interior this marble is of choice. The Turkish stone, devoid of its darker colour can be a good choice for a monument, even ornamental works and utility purpose like a pool cap, etc.. Polished and other rougher finishes are available for your selection.