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Aegean Cream Marble is commercially known as Aegean white and it is from Greece. The marble is available in usage for slabs, blocks and tiles. The cream based has linear cloud like patches which may look very plain but has great usage values with it. It is good for exterior and interior wall and floor applications, countertops especially if you love marbles in a brighter ambience. The application of this marble leaves a fresh feel and look on walls and floors. These apart the marble helps construct public buildings like monuments, create fountains and pools and you can design features of attractions. Do not forget a lighter surface invites matching and contrast combination works. The finishes are not one but many that these slabs can take a good Polish and can be Sandblasted, Tumbled, sanded, sawn cut and rock faced. For sure the projects you apply it will look generous and will make an agreement with the onlookers thoughts at the sight of it. Go for many usage advices and choose the best.