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This marble material from Afghanistan has very high calcium carbonate element. It comes in various colours like, complete white, rainbow, green and grey. The noticeable thing about this marble is that it feels cold in summer and it feels warm in winter. There are tiles, basins and bathtubs made out of it apart from marble blocks and slabs for usage. This marble is very good for sculptor works. Because of it’s natural natural properties contended within, it qualifies for a building which makes the statement that its perfect for monuments and artworks at buildings at sites of heritage. If you think of bringing it your house take it to your walls and floors that can look exquisite. As it is sculpapale and carvable you can make stone ornaments at the indoors and at the outdoors. The tiles can sit pretty on window sills and can be used for paving. Pools with this marble will be a delight. You have got variety finishes that are Polished, Sawn cut, Sanded, Tumbled, Sandblasted and Rock faced. The beautiful marble carries a few names like, Afghan Morvarid white, Herat White, Chishd-e-Sharif, Chesht Sharif, Ariana Lazuli White. It is a white forest!

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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