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The marble slab have versatile appeal and have versatile quality in usage. Luxury and richness are synonyms of this marble which is originally from Namibia. It is considered to be a super exotic stone by designers and fabricators. Countertops with such a marble is an immediate choice. The white takes a pinch of grey very mild which gives it a greyish white or clouded white appearance. There are natural specks of pure white which are not very close and there are bit like markings and slight sand like layers on the surface. It is not meekly white or brightly white but it glows. Carry additional name as Namibian Jade Marble in international market, they qualify for a building stone. This marble has very stretched exterior usage- monuments, pool copping, paving, walls, floors. On the interior side it is good on sinks, countertops, walls and floors. It is considered to be an ornamental stone and can take various finishes, like polished, sawn cut, sanded, rock faced, sand blasted and tumbled. You describe it more, going for it.

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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