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It’s a smokey grey marble, the grey is not blackish but bluish and with some varieties it becomes brownish, etc. Irrespective of the base colours the surface looks fine grained in most parts with some varieties and very smokey in most parts with some other varieties. Where it is grained it has strange half white markings which are scarce on a slab, but also, these markings look tiny fossils of tiny creatures. Agios marble is also called a grey marble and it is from Greece in addition it carries many names. Except for interior walls and floor applications and countertops it suits and is suggested more on the exterior side. Its good with monuments, mosaics, fountains and pools. Even stairs and window sills are suggested. You try to catch up with many pictures depicting various applications in projects. Then finishes are polished. Sawn cut, sanded, rock faced, sand blasted and tumbled. If you wan to know more about this marble read articles about this variety, there is a lot to know.