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This granite is exactly the darker version of the Arandis Gold. A slab of Arandis Gold is painted on a cloth and imagine the cloth is made to wet – it is the look of Arandis dark. Here the gold dominants is replaced by green and earthen brown but it has its own antique look. The choice with the usage of Arandis dark is on the interior as well as exterior. Though it is dark it is most preferred for a kitchen countertops. If you have a constant look at the slab you will get a revelation of an artistic look in it. The natural dark look supports its presence more on exterior walls, perfectly themed interior floor and walls, accent walls etc. You have to have a peculiar taste for this granite’s impression. Usually dark is attractive and dark tone of some colours are majestic but with Arandis Dark it is neither attractive nor majestic. It has a very silent antique quality that speaks to you. With the good designer Arandis Dark can be given another window of usage than a standard kitchen granite.

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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