Black Gold Flower Marble

Stones are in Demand - UK Market

The Italian stone is a luxurious variety. Which has got gold veins and patterns and natural designs etched of gold on the black. Another variety is also set to come from Brazil. The collision of black and gold make gorgeous, shimmering surfaces on slabs. To speak the heights of its richness and glamour – it can be called monumental. As you feel you can make monuments, fountains, pools, wide spreading wall caps, stairs and window sills. Interior walls and floors and mosaic patterns are standard choices. So where are your application areas?, have you made the decision? If not, make it of course with the professional help. Because it is no ordinary stone. The surfaces look good if you aptly polished, saw cut, Tumbled, etc. Sanded, rock-faced and Sandblasted are other facelifts. Forget not to make beautiful decorative works on the side walls or where ever your imagination invites.