Black Mango Marble

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The Turkish marble which comes with the trade name black mango raises eyelids, as from where it got this name? But, lowers your eyelids for your appreciation for its looks.

Looking at it’s coarse grained and speckled with black variety has got natural textures that impose vague images. It gets harder to describe what it looks like, as each time your perception changes. So leave the lavishing images to themselves. In Black Mango Marble you will largely notice white colour struggling to make veins but it succeeds in making patches and gives a stunning look.

It is black so it is a building stone, also it is ornamental because of its characteristics. So monuments, pools, window sills, exterior walls and pavements – opt your usage. Sprawling interior floors, walls, with this marble will magnify your surfaces. If you think of special usage take it to either the kitchen countertop or making sinks and to other areas which you can give a spectacular presence with it. A Tumbled finish, a rock-faced one, sandblasted one, a polished one, a saw cut one, a sanded one are the finishes- the mentioning of one isn’t meant for its application numbers but for the variety of the finishes.

Origin: Turkey

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