Black Paint Marble

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Black Paint Marble 


Another Iranian mesmerising black takes on white for patterns, veins, streaks, and it also allows gold to smear on the whites which are not everywhere. This rare spotting of gold adds a picturesque effect. If you have not looked at it don’t just go blindly with the description, get a picture you will find the description true but not enough. It is a great appeal on larger civic buildings and it equally gives the appeal on smaller applications too- countertops imagine these coloured countertops where will you have? tempting! 


Try making mosaic patterns maybe the walls, floor applications, and wall applications are recommended. Do not forget the stairs with it. Come to the exterior side of your buildings, if you have fountains, pools apply this and cap your walls and window sills. For the finish, you can polish, saw, cut, and tumble it. Also sanded, rock-faced, and sandblasted are other finishing options. 

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The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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