Black sea Marble

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Are you looking at some mysterious cave, the dark night sky may be under the waters look like this.  However the looks are,  let's not bother the reasons. The Black Sea Marble is gifted to have white veins struck by lightning under the water. The veins apart the base that has a brownish black textures and patterns that make rock like images on the slabs. 

The strange beauty comes from Iran that can help you make natural wall surfaces, floor surfaces, accents. You definitely would like to see it where your mind will appreciate its presence- countertops, kitchens, bathrooms and vanity and bar tops. On the exterior make pavements, pool copings, monuments, window sills, etc. 

As it is ornamental you can make decor-able objects. Even customised sinks and matching splash walls are visual notes of taste. The standard facelift is polished and a Honed finish. There are other options as well. Black Sea superior marble and granite.

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