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Blanco Galicia is a kind of white granite quarried in Spain. The user menu of this stone almost looks A to Z of interiors and exteriors. Countertops, sink, side-splashes, accent walls, claddings are elite choices with this. For large sized public buildings, this is good as a building stone, ornamental work, pavements, walls and floors. With monuments, pool copings the stone stands out. It also called Bianco Galicia, Bianco Tipo Galicia,Galicia Bianco, Blanco Galicia Granite . The impression of each application of Blanco Galicia depends on your choice of finish for each project and its areas. Nothing wrong in being very choosy and picky with the following finishes : Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock-faced, Sandblasted, Tumbled and so on.Galicia decorative stone panels are the perfect option with which to obtain a more realistic effect with convenient and practical assembly.Bring the aesthetic of cement into your space with our Dune collection of earth-toned tiles. Tile is a symbolic man made magnification in adding to a building construction. Deciding the areas to occupy may be your elevation walls, side walls, specially built designer walls, kitchen counter backsplashes, sides of stairs and cases etc.