Blue Agate Tabletop

*Only table top supplied

It is a Blue Agate tabletop made of Blue Agate stone with an overlay method. The tabletop has a rectangular shape with inlaid stones and wooden stands around it. It can be used as a Dining Table, coffee table, Guest table, centre table top in commercial places as well as a gift for your loved ones. Definitely, it will be an ease of attraction creator. It is available in 4*8 feet. It comes with a polished surface that has a shimmer effect on it.

Blue Agate stone is famous for its colour and texture. A dry, soft, lint-free cloth is ideal for dusting. To prevent staining on stone, liquids should be absorbed quickly with a towel and wiped dry. If a liquid spill happens, it is best to clean it up right away. The use of chemical cleaners should be avoided.

Blue agate, in particular, has a balancing and soothing force that can be very relaxing. The soft presence of blue lace agate is the most peaceful of the bluestones. Agate is thought to be more therapeutic than chrysocolla, turquoise, celestite, aquamarine, and other powerful blue earth healers, and it is also less costly and more widely available.

Furthermore, people appreciate the smooth and polished feel, as well as its versatility for a variety of gift and jewellery ideas. Agate is distinguished by a beautiful band that reveals mysterious textures, shapes, and layers. Agate has a gentle translucency that makes it interesting to investigate. The 4’8 ft solid blue agate dining table is fully customizable.

Locate your agate in any room in your home that involves gentle healing and more voice. When dealing with tumbled agate stones, pay attention to the significance of the feng shui aspect of the agate's unique colour. Blue lace agate, for example, will create excellent feng shui energy in your home's Bagua east and southeast regions, whereas nourishing fire agate will create wonderful feng shui energy in your southwestern Bagua region.