Stones are in Demand - UK Market

Botticino semi classico is a beige marble that has light brown and ivory tones with white delicately veining. A clear looking surfaces of these slabs invites your applications of interior floors and walls of this marble. It suits wet ares as well. It is widely used for external flooring and wall cladding and stairs. with external furnishings like thresholds, docks, sidewalks, windows sills are special usages with this marble.If you talk about colour variance, it is beige from ivory to hazelnut etc. Some slabs are marked by brown styloid features. Again on some slabs gold makes a crack on the beige to make veins. Now let's look at the finish options. If polishing is a standard option, sawing it, sanding it and tumbling it are other options. Also, yoiu have rock faced and sand-blasted finishes