Breccia Aurora Laredo Marble

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Breccia Aurora Laredo Marble 

The gold beige based marble is an enormous love with white that it allows snowing of white on its surface to dramatically cover and only to reveal patches of the beige. The white makes abstract  art like designs and the stone looks largely attractive. Countertops can be of first choice and making use of it in mega civil projects is another option. Make mosaic patterns and decorate your interior, exterior walls and floors. If you want to have stairs with this marble you can very well make with it. On the outer side cap your walls, make fountains and pools and sills of your windows. Get rough finishes like rock faced, sandblasted and tumbled. Sanded finish going for a Sawn cut and polished surfaces are standard options. Breccia Aurora Laredo slabs are picturesque. 


The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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