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The Romans valued this marble so much and it cherished so much in the memory that it was incorporated in the facades of public buildings, Breccia Déjà is of full of surprises that describing it is hard. Every layer reveals something new in form and shape and colours and it is a very sculpable marble which takes the tones  of brown, beige, deep grey and white. Breccia Déjà is described as a fascinating juxtaposition of materials and shape.
The veins which are allowed to appear very less because of the thickened and splashed designs of various shape on the base deep grey. Different experts and companies given them different finish where there is outstanding ones are brushed- wire sawn, buffed, Honed and sandblasted.This marble makes legendary countertops, sinks, pool copping, sills. Make full façade claddings, multi dimensional architectural works, accent walls. Tiles from this marble is an added choice for applications.   

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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