Breccia Numidia Marble

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Breccia Numidia Marble 


The Tunisian marble is a red brown fancy. Do not take it completely for a fancy, it's got strong textures, enough veining and intrusions to show its strength. 

The textures pose like layers of an antique stone wall.Red marries the brown in a traditional manner on the slabs which is ably assisted by beige and off white as best men and bridesmaids. For its antique looks it’s a building stone and for its values and characters this marble makes indoor floors, walls. Customised sinks with this marble become the spotlight of bathrooms and dining. 

This is a decorative marble which can dress your peculiarly designed surfaces, may be in the living and elsewhere. Outdoor floors, walls, pavements, window sills and pool caps are massages to lovers of natural colours of brown and red with an aged look. Finishes can be polished, sanded, rock faced, sandblasted, Tumbled, sawn cut, etc. 


The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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