Brocatelle De Moulins Marble

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Taking its name from Brocatelle fabric this Italian marble is largely a designer stone. They have rich and foliage  patterns. And patterns can be found all over its swirling, veining surface. A yellow brocatelle looks nicely coarse grained where as a violet brocatelle looks a mineral stone- hues of white, specks of violet, grains of greenish grey and a faint young grey spruces up in between. This marble which is described as a shelly marble is fragile and delicate to carve. There are mixed varieties of this marble and they are the least exploited variety. Awesome countertops, magical mosaic patterns, exotic looking interior and exterior walls and wall caps, keep them on the fountains. Decorate or make objects at your living room cum bed room surfaces. Give the fire places a border with this marble  and you are not satisfied with applications, against the scales of its beauty. Spend more time for the probability with it and it is huge to advise you with surface finish Saw cut, Sanded, Polished, Rock faced, sand blasted and tumbled are the suggestions now. Anyway you are going for more, get more.

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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