Bronzetto Marble

Stones are in Demand - UK Market

The fine grained light beige Italian marble with a complete creamy look and zero intrusions is only beige Bronzetto Marble. But when the minerals make their play they are capable of making dramatic changes on the designs and the base colour. 

Let’s focus on the plain fine grained light beige marble. As far as the applications go this is the natural floor marble and is beautiful for wall claddings- clad the walls in the exteriors. If you are fond of marble furniture, make tables with this marble or sinks if you like a light theme. Stairs, shower bases and the kitchen tops are strong recommendations. 

If you have wondered about the looks they achieve in mega projects specially with the floors, wall claddings, huge stairs, side walls and pillars with various finishes and wanted to give your house surfaces the same taste? Explore these various finishes like polish, hone, brush, sand, bush hammer, water jet, brushed and flamed. You will get to achieve those finishes you wondered about. Also you can get help from our experts in the stone industry to maximize the results.

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