Bronzo Impero Marble

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Bronzo Impero Marble is a timeless classic Tunisian marble. The strength and durability of the marble present it as a great honor. The thick and bold columns make striking design patterns and they demand your attention while designing a project. When a high gloss finish is achieved with the stone it looks translucent that you will take it as a precious stone. The vein patterns vary dramatically from slab to slab. You have regular and disciplined triangular veins and irregular intersecting tree branches across the slab.

It is an ornamental stone that can be used to make decor-able objects. Various other applications with Bronzo Impero Marble are, you can make furniture like marble tables or very exotic-looking countertops like the ones in elegant showrooms or you may have vanity tops at home. It can be used in making a sink and achieve spectacular looks in your bathroom or make grand interior and exterior walls and floors. You can make use of this as a pool cap and for window sills as well. Depending on the vein pattern you get on the slab, choose them for surface applications. It is possible to fit them into both your domestic and commercial design projects.

Finish options do the rest of the magic. An ordinary pavers stone with a special finish can be made to look exotic – try a polished or maybe a gloss Polished, Saw cut, Sanded, Rock faced, tumbled, and sandblasted.

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