Chiampo Mandorlato Marble

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Chiampo Mandorlato is a beige  Italian marble that looks very bright and carries crack-like veins that spreads across like the roots of a plant. The pleasant beige carries a tint of faint green on the surfaces where veins appear or around the veins. There are thicker green hues and interesting images of the same colour in some varieties. Since ancient times polished marbles have played a part in monuments civic and government buildings like from Taj mahal to Buckingham Palace. 

The marble has architectural qualities but is not very strong, hence it is not advisable for outdoor constructions or cladding panels. The recommended usage for this marble goes for making mosaic formats, countertops, stairs, int riot walls and floors, wall claddings etc. 

The marble is appreciated for its aura that spreads a pleasant feel which can be Honed, Aged, Polished, Bush hammered, Tumbled for a finish. 

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