Stones are in Demand - UK Market

The beige marble is another Italian beauty that has closer veins raining across. The variety slabs of this marble have tiny pit marks on the surface and it seems to take the colour yellow with the same design patterns depending on quarries. This variety beige marble has more of greener tint and images that look fossilised. From a building stone these slabs can make countertops of plain fancy, the pinkish beige become a plus with this  variety that the surfaces you carve for design works and make sinks in the kitchen with it and the bath room or in the dining look ornamental. See to it that you have a theme when you make objects with this marble. Smaller size stone monuments, window sills are suggested and it is also recommended for interior usage like accent walls, and the exterior may be a wall clad. Polish them, hone them, age them, bush hammer them and also have them sawn cut, sanded, rock faced, tumbled and sandblasted.