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Chillagoe Pink is from Australia. This pink colour crystal marble has a white base on which pink occupies surface and pink sometimes turn into orange. The veins that found are rare and in some surfaces there are crack like veins that appear in orange and in some very rare streaks. Some surfaces that mostly look very plain pink crystals are noticed to give the looks of a matt paper on which there are fading patches of greenish grey, again on some this stone looks pretty plain hardened earthen surface that has one or two lengthier veins. Some where the impression completely changes to reveal a bleached look of pink and white with only greenish grey patches are visible with crack like veins in one area. The stone looks very artistic which is of great ornamental value. Other than the ornamental works you make, these slabs are suggested for interior – exterior walls and floors. The light pinkish white floors or wall skirts will be a delicate look in surfaces that are carefully designed. Huge hallways, interior lounges of commercial, residential properties, terminals in airports, etc are suggested. This ornamental variety definitely demands with you for a curator support so that you will get all possible surface applications and ideal finish options. 

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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