Cinderella Brown Marble



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Cinderella Brown Marble 


Cinderella Brown is a greyish brown marble in which patches in designs appear in half brown. There is no major coloring difference except for a tone of grey in the background and mostly the textures which occupy the complete surface. There are few other slabs that take grey color seriously with a sign of brown completely missing – the marble is also called Cinderella Grey in the market. The grey slabs look a lot pitted and cracked in the center of some slabs. With occasional white intrusions that sometimes run like a vein. Except for pit marks, the remaining surface of this slab looks largely smoother- looks like a grey concrete that is naturally roughened in the center. This is a natural building stone and the color and the appearance make it very suitable for stone monuments. Use it for exterior decorative applications like pool caps and window sills. Try making stone ornaments that would look like old rocks.


The stone does well for pavements and interior-exterior walls and floors. Give your surfaces an aged look, Honed, polished looks and you have other rough finish options like saw cut, sanded, rock-faced, bush-hammered, tumbled, and sandblasted.


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