Cioccolate Brazil Marble

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Cioccolate means chocolate and these are also called Brazilian chocolate marble. The basic grey marble from Brazil looks delicately covered with layers of white, off grey and off pink. The whites and the off pinks in the combinations give the image of a chocolate bar with a beautiful thin crack like veins. Though it is called a grey base marble an expert’s eye can only read the colour from the picture that these slabs look like delicate pieces of chocolate cakes. 
The marble makes good countertops and vanity tops so that make a note now that wherever you place a countertop in your house place these slabs. With some varieties, the marble manages to wipe off the white except for some hues and it reveals its grey and sand brown. Brazilian stone is a construction stone and an ornamental stone. This stone is applicable for many decorations works in the interior and exteriors and the countertops with this marble are always suggested for a polished finish.