Classic quartz with inlay in white Mother of pearl

*Only table top supplied

It is a table top with Classic quartz with inlay in white Mother of pearl. It has an oval-shaped table top with white shimmering like designs on the edges of the table. That is none other than by Mother of Pearl. 

Classic Quartz is a mechanical stone with a pure white base that complements every interior design scheme. One of the best alternative choices for raw, solid veined marble on a white base course is classic quartz. Classic, as the name implies, adds a sense of classic and timeless luxury to any interior style. Classic quartz is one of the colours in a recent natural marble collection. This helps in creating this amazing tabletop.

The innermost wall of mussel and oyster shells is the mother of pearl. Each case is one-of-a-kind in terms of colour and texture, with a glossy and iridescent finish that makes it an ideal stylish material that blends well with classic quartz. Here this Mother of pearl plays a major role in getting that extra elegant look over the table. Mother of Pearl is a naturally delicate material. Tool prep is important for producing a high-quality end product. To cut mother of pearl designs from blanks, for example, the scroll saw must be hand sharpened with notches.

When deciding where to cut the design into the shell to minimise arcing in each section, the curvature, colours, and patterns of the shell are taken into account. The architecture is made entirely of mother-of-pearl. Under the pattern, fine dust is used as a filler to fill cavities caused by defects in the bead. A hammer softly locks each part into classic quartz with gentle, even pressure.

Mother of pearl can be engraved and filled to bring the design to life on the Classic Quartz table. Master engravers use a variety of techniques to achieve different line thicknesses. A varnish is applied after adding all the details to seal the design.