Cloud Pure White Marble



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Cloud Pure White Marble 

This Cloud Pure White Marble is in demand. We are looking for stone suppliers in the UK and EU region to display this product here on our website. Kindly Sign up here and start reaching out to many KBB members and homeowners.

The cloud pure white marble has milky cloud-like image formations. Some of them get to become a blueish white that have white waves and other varieties slowly become a later afternoon grey sky which reveals some thick patches of grey and some white intrusions- however, the grey here is an early grey. The textures of this marble look so good in some slabs that the white makes beautiful fluidic, swirl-like moving veins diagonally by picking on the faintest grey possible to help the layers and the edges to show. 

This Iranian stone can make wall and floor applications in white if you prefer, and if you are in need of white countertops which also can serve as vanity tops, mosaic formats, etc. On the exterior, you make fountains, wall caps, window sills, etc. If you have a white theme for your pool, it is there. Stairs with this marble state your taste for white. Polish these slabs for the tops and accordingly to the walls and floors and other surfaces saw them, sand them, tumble them and keep them rock-faced and sandblasted.