Cloudy Mist Marble



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Cloudy Mist Marble 

This Brazilian Marble is a white based with misty cloud images but on the slabs the clouds look frozen with a few thin cracking veins. Mild grey mixed with the white clouds to make the contrast. The marble changes its colour variations with a white and sage green, with a white and faint brown etc. Somewhere the marble reveals faint pink in the gaps. The variations in its colour and textures change and you would love to have it in different textures with variations. They make grand floors in the interiors with matching walls and designer stairs. The marble is known to make good countertops especially in the sage green or grey with  white hues all over. The kitchen tops, matching splash walls, theme based bathrooms and shower surrounds are smart ideas of applications with this marble. 

The marble apart from interiors can be suitable for external applications like wall caps, sills on the window and fountain applications. Polishing them, sawing, tumbling and sanding are good finish options with rock faced and sandblasted finishes giving a rough look for the outer surfaces.