Cloudy Sky Marble

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Cloudy Sky Marble 

Cloudy sky marble is a magic of blue, grey and white colours which in surfaces the white intelligently drives away all the bullies and greys and makes a spectacular cloudy display. In some varieties the slabs look an exact sky with the deeper blue and white clouds. Anyway with any variety you are all set to witness the magic. There are tranquil patterns of grey and blue swirls on certain slabs. The Iranian beauty is a good building stone and you can make theme based exotic looking sinks and basins and window sills. The ornamental stone helps you make balustrades and other surfaces of interior exterior decorations. Pool caps with this marble would look very natural and there is also paving options with this. Do not forget the exterior -  interior walls and floors- the interior walls and floors can be of astonishing and magical effect. So set every design right for its arrival. Also get ready to give them polish, sawn, sanded, rock faced, blasted and tumbled finish. 

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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