Copperfield Marble



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Copperfield Marble 


Copperfield Marble is identified as Onyx marble which is gold that has orange swirls, white hues, beige images that make a splendid presentation on the slabs. Specifically the gold with white intrusions shining on it and interesting images of greyish beige makes it look antique. 

The carvable variety helps you make side table and coffee table tops of any shape. Copperfield pavers may be on the sit outs or the terrace and marble living room with cocktail table tops. And the lavish floors of the interior are jaw dropping surfaces. In the making of grand interior residential and commercial projects the marble shows its majestic qualities by its display on interior wall claddings, back lit marble designs, fireplaces and other makings of your imaginations with the help of your designer. Possible finish options vary for this marble as its usage is special.