Stones are in Demand - UK Market

Costa Azzurra is a grey backgrounded marble mixed with a faint blue. The marble has got clouded patches of white and light beige. In some varieties, the grey background is covered a lot with white cloudy images that have a lot of gold specks. These slabs look pretty different in the impression that the background greyish blue dominates, the surface looks a simple plain design with lesser hues and patches and where the blue is covered with white and gold specks the stone looks exotic. This design pattern of this stone varies and you have to go for your favourite slabs with matching designs. The Brazilian stone is special for countertops and monuments. Interior, exterior wall and floor applications have also recommended but the marble looks to appeal better when it is installed on elevated surfaces like the variety of countertops, stone monuments, walls and skirts, stairs and window sills. Mosaic format with this marble is also suggested, so the flooring can get some designs. The surfaces you make can invite polish facial makeup and if it is a vanity top that comes to the display more it can be given a sanded finish and rough finishes like sawing, sandblasting, Tumbled and rock-faced are also possible.