Daino Reale Marble



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Daino Reale Marble

The creamy beige marble from Italy  gives itself for all possible finishes and this which is actually considered for sandstone has subtle brown and cream waves the surface partly looks dry and parched desert earth and partly looks the loose sandy surface . In some slabs the wavy sandy surfaces miss, the pinkish beige allows beautiful veins to curl and wave across diagonally in triangular patterns. This stone treasured from ancient times makes glorious floors, backsplashes, fire places, bathrooms,  etc. You can even think of making a theme for your living and bathrooms. It is suggested to a avoid using it for kitchen counters

Walls and floors look real grand and they can make sophisticated countertops, you can invite polished, honing, ageing and bush hammering finishes to the surfaces you make. The sculpable marble can be hand sculpted to make mosaics beautifully.