Dalmania Marble

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Dalmania Marble looks like a crystalline variety. The marble on greyish white hues has specks of pale gold and black color under which grey veins appear like thin strokes with the painting brush and underneath the vein, it looks beautifully empty. Another variant of Dalmania marble has violet-white hues with beautiful black markings like droplets of rainwater on windshields. But the black markings are neither in a rush nor making a mess. Both variants look translucent.

It originates from Turkey, this marble is suitable for basic requirements like a building stone, walls, floors for the interiors and exteriors, etc. make sinks and vanities in the bathroom and in the dining or in the kitchen and you can make other objects that are either of utility purposes like sinks or decorative sorts. Window sills, exterior pavings, stone monuments, and pool caps are other recommendations. Polish the stone and leave it rough wherever possible by tumbling them, sawing them, sanding them, and keeping them rock-faced and acid-washed.

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