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The Turkish stone is a basic beige colour marble that has cracking veins of which pale gold and orange trying to show face but showing of orange and gold is not happening with every vein or crack. Mostly the cracks look plain and the surface has occasional white dots. It fulfils your basic requirement for a building stone. The interior walls and floors with this reveal great quality and luxury. There have been references given to the usage of this marble in greater hotels, where the marble has decorated the suits, the fireplace surrounds and great bathrooms. If you are thinking of a greater house or of a great residential complex we suggest you go for walling with the marble slabs and tiles and flooring according to your taste and derived designs. This ornamental stone can make sinks and stone monuments. Sill your windows, pave your exteriors and cap pools with the polishing option, sawing and sanding options and you can leave them rock faced, sandblasted and tumbled as per advice or taste.