Danae Nuvo Grey Marble

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Danae Nuvo Grey Marble 

This marble is fine-grained grey marble that has a white base and the grey artistically moves in thick and thinner waves. The interesting movements give the marble a picture effect and the noticeable thing about the design is that the movement of veins happens diagonally. Suggested for interior exterior floor applications and claddings the marble surfaces are advised for polished, Honed, and brushed surface finishes. The Greece Marble takes another trade name to be called Drama Semi White Marble which is capable of making countertops and mosaic formats. The tops with this marble can be of dramatic effect with matching floors and walls. Marble stairs in this variety would create a splendid grey ambiance and you can also look forward to giving it to the pools and the walls as caps on the exterior. Window sills, fountains, and monuments are also suggested. Polishing, sawing, sanding, sandblasting, and rock-faced, tumbled, and flamed are the finish options. 

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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