Dark Nebula Marble

Stones are in Demand - UK Market

Dark Nebula is a deep grey rock-like surface that invites white streak-like veins that are thin and have white hues occasionally. The marble looks like a wonderful rock finely textured with whites. Nebula Marble variety is called solid surface marble which is a favourite kitchen top and other surfaces of a kitchen. The black theme in a kitchen places this marble on the countertops and customized designer sinks and basins with matching splash walls and accessories would be a delight. There is a famed sanded vanity of this marble in the market which looks exotic that the surfaces made with this finish glow like pieces of an exhibit in a showcase. Kitchens included the marble makes exquisite countertops and vanity tops in bathrooms and even in the living vanity surface and at your commercial showrooms. Think of other designer projects with this marble and you are left with other applications like interior-exterior walls and floors if your theme or your sentiments or tastes invites the black to the floors and walls. The polished finish is the direct suggestion for a kitchen top whereas vanity applications may invite a sanded finish and your floors and walls other surface designs might invite the flooring as sawn, sandblasted, rock faced, tumbled, etc.