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Black granite worktops that have been honed or given a matte finish are smooth but lack a high polish gloss. This is a great choice if you want a deep black worktop with a softer touch. In contrast to the rich, deep black afforded by its highly polished competitors, the matte black is often a very dark grey colour. This adaptable colour can well with practically any kitchen style and colour. Black granite is the most resilient and long-lasting of all the granites that are readily available, making it the best option for a number of functions both in the home and in business. The popularity of honed finishes is on the rise, and this variant made from Absolute Black Granite is both the most popular and most cost-effective.
With an honed finish, polishing is completed before buffing to provide a matte or low-gloss sheen that does not have the highly reflective, mirror-like appearance of conventional granite. Homeowners who prefer a relaxed or older look are fond of the softer honed finish.
In addition to flooring, honed granite can be utilised for walls, backsplashes, upstands, fireplaces, staircases, kitchen worktops, and other surfaces where a more understated appearance is needed versus polished granite's sparkling appearance.
Since a honed granite worktop will be more porous than a polished granite kitchen worktop, sealing will be required more frequently.
Order this Black Honed Granite worktop right away to add a touch of exquisiteness and elegance to your home with its modern look.

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