Mystery White Marble

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 Mystery White Marble 


This mystery white marble from Namibia has got a polished whiten appearance all through its surfaces. This beautiful natural stone with its white clouds to hide all designs possible and it is preferred to make stunning marble countertops wherever possible in a house or in a business firm to serve as a countertop and worktops. Their subtle white elegance gives way to make backsplashes and important contents of the living,  in the offices and other commercial projects. It is said to be a great countertops and create kitchen islands if you plan for a designer kitchen. The marble which is also available in tiles makes grand tiled floors and you can allow the slabs of this variety to make accents on your walls. Put a little more effort to make combinations matching designs as it is all white. Explore more about this marble for perfect finish options. The white sky looks faintly veined in a very mild fluorescent green.