Solid black Obsidian

Solid black Obsidian is a short corner table or it can be used as a lampstand which is made of black Obsidian. It has a black base with a white coloured cracked pattern over the Obsidian stone. Usually, this is a corner table with a brass coated stand. It has a shiny finish over its top surface which makes it more attractive for your interiors. It comes in a 12-inch size.

Black obsidian is one of the most well-known types of obsidian rock. When appropriately cut, it is a fantastic gemstone to look at and use in jewellery. The fascinating deep black colour compliments a wide range of styles and designs and often results in a stunning product.

Black obsidian is a precious stone that is commonly used in jewellery and crafts. Obsidian was also used for a variety of practical purposes in ancient cultures, ranging from domestic appliances to firearms. Like other forms of obsidian, black obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formation formed by the cooling of felsic lava. This lowering usually occurs shortly after a volcano becomes dormant.

Obsidian rocks are most often found at the edges of rhyolitic lava flows, also known as "obsidian flows." The explanation for this is that these streams are high in silica, and obsidian is typically composed of 35 to 80% silica. This, together with the other basic properties of the chemical material, makes for high viscosity, allowing the lava to transform into the glass.

Black Obsidian Stone is a strong psychic defence stone as well as a powerful cleanser of psychic smog produced in your aura. This stone has strong metaphysical properties that will shield you from negativity. These stones' energy will activate the gift of prophecy. Place one near the front door or on the doorframe of your house. Obsidian and hematite are also used in this way because of their defensive properties.