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White coral is one of the pebble-shaped stones round, oval, elongated oval and sometimes even less uniform. white coral are currently popular for home decoration and other larger type buildings. It is not just a beauty component but has more of conservatory benefits like using in water catchment areas that can avoid splashing of soil that come in direct contact with running water, also to be used as a filter or filters for the pool or ornamental pond.In addition to beautifying a garden, the coral floor is also an ornamental pond or aquarium. You can add white coral stones to the surfaces of outer walls to beautify the look - the outer wall of the house like the wall of the fence. House walls with white coral are unique and interesting as corals are quirky, look more natural without disturbing the beauty and design of your house. In the coastal area of south of the Dominican Republic is where this stone is found the most. The Coral Stone comes in several colours, the pink, the yellow and the black. The stone allows for several types of finishes- rustic, honed, aged, and split, among others. The most common ones are brushed and honed.