White petrified and Black petrified

It is a short table that is made of White Petrified Wood and Black Petrified Wood. So this product is a combination of two shades of petrified wood. Black and white petrified wood with a striped design in a crisscross pattern. This is usually a square-shaped table with a brass coated stand. This will give you a typical sofa stand look. This can be used as a normal stand or as a table.

Petrified wood is without a question the most beautiful of all fossil forms. It is a remarkable discovery, and only a tiny part of the petrified wood can be carved and polished into precious specimens for buyers who admire its beauty.

Petrified wood is created when all organic matter in a tree is replaced by minerals, resulting in the complete transformation of the tree into stone. This is known as peri-mineralization. Petrification occurs underwater when the wood is dumped under the soil which can take millions of years. As a result, very durable material with a wooden framework has been made. The type of mineral determines the colour. Petrified wood comes in a variety of shades, varying from subtle browns to bright blue-green, depending on the minerals that have been filtered into the wood's cellular structure.

It is polished with the finest quality fossilized petrified wood and the most advanced technologies to bring out its natural elegance and matching hues. It is then turned into a one-of-a-kind piece of wood that is unlike any petrified wood available. More than 40 million years old. Each part is hand-selected and polished to perfection. Petrified wood is highly flexible, and it is also suitable for the interior design of a bathroom tub. Ideal as a dining chair, side table, or when grouped together as a coffee table.

It's interesting to see how Mother Nature creates such contrasting and natural patterns in these beautiful 40 million-year-old petrified teak slabs. Following that, it is built with our own desired designs. Modern, but steeped in tradition.