Florence Mastic Travertine - Best Picked Masonry

Florence Mastic Travertine - Best Picked Masonry

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Florence Mastic Travertine is a modish creamy beige slab with wavy white veins running horizontally across the stone. That wavy pattern elevates the stone surface, giving the enforced area dimension. Florence Travertine is broken down by the spring’s water flow, which leaves holes in the texture. These stones are carefully filled and honed, which is more suitable for floors, stairs, pool areas, decks, facades, ceilings, and kitchen backsplash. Discover Florence travertine slabs usage and different modes of Florence Mastic Travertine implementation for fabled indoors and outdoors.




Florence Mastic Travertine is a cream colour surface that fits into every part of your place. An incredibly popular tile option is polished travertine. As well as adding sophistication to any room, its glossy, sophisticated look can also enhance transitional… read more


Hardwearing Mastic Travertine for Indoor - Outdoor Floors and Front Rooms

Travertine Floors

Vaunting Florence mastic is a highly sturdy stone; that can be utilised for various interior and outdoor constructions, including walkways, wall coverings, patios, and fountains. The surface is honed, giving glossiness to the surface, but at the same time, it is less slippery, which is why it is a perfect material for indoor-outdoor floors, hallways, and living room floors.

The voids of the slabs are carefully filled so that the natural and longevity is restored, highly porous, resist-heat and classic for floors and walls. Find Natural and Engineered Stone varieties from Work-tops.com and give your home a stylish makeover.

Florence Travertine Facades, Flaunt Your Foyers

Facades are the primary attractions of any house. However, it is essential to put most of your efforts into designing your front room. Hearken to our minimal yet luxurious styling ideas for your front house facades using Florence Travertine.

Beloved Florence will support Precast concrete panelled walls. Adding this creamy Florence on the flecks of each side of the wall adds more definition to the foyers.

Manifesting honeycomb patterned travertine facades for a skyscraper building is an optimistic viewpoint as they can act as rain-screen cladding.

Country Styled Pools and Decks with Mastic Travertine

Mastic Travertine

Creamy Mastic Travertine is more suitable for an elegant country-styled theme. A bluish pool area is odds with cream beige surrounds and flecks, with a typical sunlounger placed beside the pools is a remarkable idea.

Having a well-executed Mastic Travertine pool area nearby with a palm plant in a big white vase is exquisite.

Get a Quote on this and check out the magic it does upon your usual boring pools and deck areas.

More Thriving Stair Treads using Florence Travertine Slabs

Travertine slabs

Travertine is a multifaceted stone and is more appropriate for indoor-outdoor floors and stairs. However this specific cream-coloured Travertine is tailormade for stair treads. It befits any stair type, for instance, circular, straight, criss-cross or regular. Even standard Travertine stairs with backlighting make the room more luxurious and grand. A soft white or yellow light is more accurate for this creamy Travertine, and for a deep blue coloured wall, Travertine and wood mixed staircase is a prime choice.

Florence Mastic Slabs for Walkways and Patios - Furbish now!

Plan for decked-up walkways and patios using this stunning Florence mastic travertine. This Beige Travertine is cherished for its hardness. It best compliments the driveways, pathways, patios, and pavements. The tumbled surface is admired as an elevated garden fleck. They set a high definition for the pathways. These slabs can create a stylish mantel and a fireside place for outdoor camps.

Some More Travertine Stones to Make Your Usual Place Fancy

Travertine Stones




Florence Unfilled Travertine features a cream surface with a vein-cut pattern that gives you a perfect choice for your flooring, walls, backsplash, and many more. You can style your interiors with these travertine slabs. It comes with a 20-mm thickness… read more





Golden Sienna Travertine Vein cut slabs gives you a gold, yellow and orange surface that perfectly fits your home, kitchen flooring, bathroom, living room and many more. You can create a best interior decor with these travertine slabs that adds… read more





Florence Clear Travertine features a cream surface with a vein-cut pattern that gives you a perfect choice for your flooring, walls, backsplash and many more. You can style your interiors with these travertine slabs. They are immune to heat and… read more

Fabricate Your Floors with Florence Mastic in One go!

Work-tops.com are the right place for travertine fabrication and installation. Choose fashionable contemporary or conventional classic Travertine slabs from work-tops.com to remodel your Travertine Floors, walls, pathways, patios, facades, countertops, bathroom, and bedroom. Contact us at 03301135868 or send your inquiry to info@work-tops.com and get your fabrication and installation done right now.

Frequently Asked Q&A

  • Is Travertine Good for Kitchen Worktops?

Travertine can partly be a kitchen worktop or countertop. It is a natural stone that can be used for commercial and residential purposes, like marble and granite. The substance is renowned for being incredibly smooth and sturdy, resulting in an ideal element for kitchen worktops.

  • Can We Use Florence Travertine for Outdoor?

Florence Travertine is exceptionally durable and perfect for outdoor pathways, patios, pool areas and garden sides. Never hesitate and choose Travertine for any outdoor application.

  • Do Travertine Need Sealing?

Even though Travertine is a complex and resilient natural stone, Travertine still requires care and maintenance. To keep your outdoor travertine tile protected from damage and looking nice, seal it every one to two years.

  • How to Maintain Florence Mastic Travertine Floors?

The primary maintenance needed for a travertine surface will vary depending on its use. It is essential to use sealers that shield the stone from substances that cause water- or oil-based stains. Acids immediately destroy stone sealants. Thus they must be avoided at all costs. Travertine requires pH-neutral cleaning due to its sensitivity.

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