Grow with Us: Worktop & KBB Traders - Free Collaboration

Grow with Us: Worktop & KBB Traders - Free Collaboration

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Grow With Us is our partner programme and an opportunity for trade members of the stone, worktop and KBB industry to collaborate with Work-tops by registering for free and benefitting from our advanced technological solutions. Our passion to serve the stone industry makes us believe in growing together by providing viable procurement and business solutions to the members who register with us.

worktop - grow with us

Who can Register with Work-tops under this Programme?

All trade members of the stone and KBB industry like

  1. Kitchen worktop fabricator

  2. Stone mason
  3. Interior/ Kitchen designers

  4. Natural and engineered stone suppliers
  5. Architects

  6. Building Contractors

  7. Construction Industry members 

Benefits from Work-tops for its registered members

  1. Product and services launch

  2. Brand reach

  3. Lead generation

  4. AI Image search

  5. Sell remnants

  6. Discover remnants

  7. Free marketing and advertising

  8. Referral programme

  9. Deal Direct

  10. Live Chat

Product and Services Launch:

Work-tops opens an account for you after verifying your professional background once you register on our website. Every registered member after verification automatically receives permission to list their stones (granite, marble, quartz, etc) and respective services on the website. You now have an easily accessible, unchallenging platform to display your different stone materials in various stone colours,  portfolio kitchen worktop designs and other stone-related services, which will be visible to all visitors on our For Homeowner page, thus creating an opportunity for you to directly generate leads from customers who are interested in their work using our platform. 

Brand Reach:

Once you display your stones and services on our website, it is automatically visible to all the online visitors. Your Brand name and its service are now no longer only limited to customers within your contact, instead, the entire UK and Ireland customers seeking similar services like yours will reach you through us as they get introduced to your brand.  This way, by providing you with a platform to connect yourself with millions of potential customers nationwide, without collecting any charge at all, Grow With Us aims to literally help grow your business.

Lead Generation:

After you successfully upload your stones and services, Work-tops starts the process of lead generation for you. There are various ways by which we do this for you. The primary one is website chat. Customers looking for our services reach us through the chat facility on our website. The other platforms through which we generate leads for you are social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and even WhatsApp. We forward the enquiries to registered members on the basis of location. All registered members within the location of the lead will be given the enquiry for us to receive quotes. We let the lead select which service provider to work with after we forward the quotes from multiple registered service providers. It is thus recommended to provide us with the best quotes possible to eliminate the competition. 

AI Image Search:

In this technologically advanced world where manufacturers are continuously coming up with unlimited variants of stones to suit all kinds of personalities and the needs of homeowners, it is on the other hand creating a problem for the stone suppliers and masons. The selection procedure becomes time-consuming. Thus with our AI Image search technology, we help you save your working hours. You can simply upload the image of your reference on the search bar instead of spending hours and days trying to figure out the name of that stone, leading to disappointment. Spend your precious time on completing projects rather than misspend them unsuccessfully searching for stones.

Sell Remnants:

This is a unique service given to registered members by Work-tops. Every company allows you to sell your brand new stones but we give you the opportunity to sell your halfcut stones, worktop offcuts, remnants or damaged stone slabs, however you like to address it. All the traders of the stone industry and kitchen/worktop fabricators definitely have huge piles of unused stone slabs with them which are ignored either because they are broken or because they couldn’t find anybody who was in need of those stones. Through Work-tops, you are given a facility to display these stones on our Remnants Page. We receive a lot of enquiries from customers looking for half cuts on a daily basis, so, yes, there is an opportunity for you to create value for your supposedly waste material. 

Discover Remnants:

You can utilise our Remnant Page and Stone Finding Service to demand offcuts from us for completing projects for your customers who come to you requesting matching slabs as their existing ones. This way you can grow with us as you no longer have to give up on projects because of limited means to gather offcuts. 

Free Marketing and Advertising:

Work-tops will regularly carry out promotional activities for your stones to reach a wider audience. Our social media campaigns, weekly blog posts, newsletter to subscribers, backlinks, SEO works, etc are different ways to promote your stones and services. You are able to cut your expenses on your marketing and advertising, drastically, if you register with us.

Referral Programme:

The moment you register with us, a unique link is created on your name with the credentials you provide on the sign-up form. That becomes your referral ID, and you can share it amongst your contacts, and friends. Any visitor coming through that referral ID will automatically be tracked with our system. So, the visitor that you bring will be referred to you and not anyone else. You are indirectly creating a lead for yourself without having to put much effort.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: We receive worktop fabrication enquiries from homeowners, landlords, contractors, kitchen designers, etc.

Step 2: By understanding their enquiry in-depth and learning about the purpose behind their purchase, we assist the customers to pick their desired stone.

Step 3: We acquire essential details from them that are necessary for worktop fabricators to create a quote. 

Step 4: We forward the essential details to the fabricators along with the service location. 

Step 5: Our fabricator deals with the customer and closes the deal.

For The Registered Members Who Sign Up Using Our Subscription Plan

Deal Direct:

This facility is for those registered Franchise members that sign up with Work-tops using our monthly subscription plan, instead of a free account. Once you sign up, you will receive access to our website chat. Any online visitor within your area initiating a chat will automatically be redirected to your chat. So, you can now respond directly with the lead and convert them into a deal. Thus with our Live Chat facility, we help you Grow With Us by giving you a direct deal. 

How does Deal Direct work? 

Step 1: Service providers (Fabricator/Stonemason/Kitchen Designers/Building Contractors) upload images of their material and/or services with an approximate quote value which will be displayed in our For Homeowner section. 

Step 2: Homeowners interested in the worktops/ kitchen designs/worktop designs and repair services will initiate a chat on our website. 

Step 3: The Franchise registered member based in the visitor’s region receives an email regarding the enquiry and thus responds directly to the customer to convert the deal. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

FAQ about work-tops

  • What information do you acquire from homeowners before forwarding the lead to fabricators?

We acquire details about the product chosen for worktop fabrication, floor plan, and contact information before redirecting them to the fabricator based on the service location. 

  • Do you provide stone price information to the homeowners?

We only provide the retail price with product information to help them choose a stone before getting quotes including supply, fabrication, and installation. Trade prices will be displayed only to the registered trade members.

  • How to register as a fabricator with 

Sign up as a buyer using this Register link with authentic information about your business, and upon verification, you will be automatically enrolled to use all our benefits from the Grow With Us program.

  • Where can I update my service location? 

Please fill out this form with the information of the ideal contact person and location for your service in order to receive relevant enquiries in your sales inbox.

Email to register with us or if you have any queries. 

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