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Slate Tiles for Flooring, Hearths, Kitchens and Outdoors

Slate tiles are one of the best-known types of natural stone surface tile choices. They have been used since ancient times, especially for roofing. They are not susceptible to chips, fractures, scratches, or cracks. Although periodic sealing is required, it's a great alternative for bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial areas. Slate tiles are becoming an increasingly popular option for flooring too.  Learn More

How is Slate Flooring Unique?

Slate differs from several other floor coverings, along with other natural stone flooring options, in terms of its distinctive visual look. Slate can be discovered and produced all over the world, and the mineral makeup of the environment in which it was formed will affect how it looks. Its colour can range from black and dark grey to include vibrant and vivid hues. The natural slate's rough, chipped surface also offers a desired rustic appearance. If you choose honed or polished slate, which is homogeneous in colour, you may still have the durability and resistance of slate in a neater look, although if you don't want the distinctive look of slate or maybe if your interior visual style is more simple and sleek than rustic.

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Benefits of Choosing Slate Tile:

Makes an Economic Choice 

Slate is still the least expensive natural stone flooring type, and it is far less expensive as compared to marble or granite surfaces.

It Makes a Moisture Resistant Choice

Slate is a highly water-resistant stone, making it suitable for use in areas that are likely to see a lot of moisture interaction, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. Even the walls of your bathroom can be given slate tiling.

Slate Tiles Suit Both Indoor and Outdoor Settings

Slate floor tile may be used for both interior and exterior settings. It is a wonderful choice for sidewalks and landscape stepping stones because it is so durable and moisture-resistant.

Slate Floors are Safer than Rugs

Slate is an excellent flooring option for those who battle allergic reactions because it is simple to maintain and, unlike rugs, won't trap dangerous pollen.

Slate Fire Hearths are the Best

Slate is without a doubt the ideal material to choose when building an enduring fire mantle for your home. Not only is it fireproof, but it also raises the value of your house.

Your Slate Floor is Resistant to Wear

Although it is common knowledge that damaged tiles may be easily replaced, they can still be a nuisance that could be avoided. It makes sense to install more resilient tiles as a result, which is crucial in high-traffic areas like a kitchen or living room. In this atmosphere, slate floor tiles gleam. Even in high-traffic areas, slate tiles withstand normal wear and tear reasonably well.

Finishes of Slate Tile

Slate is commonly available in three different finishes which are riven finish slate tiles, brushed slate tile and honed finish slate.

Slate Style and Patterns

We at have different types of patterns of slate tiles to suit your needs. Here is a list of design we sell

  • Multicolour tiles

  • Black riven

  • Grey riven

  • Hexagon shaped ties

  • Herringbone-shaped slate tiles

  • Mosaic multicolour tiles

  • Standard square-shaped tiles

  • Veined pattern tiles

Slate Tile Maintenance

Slate flooring requires very little care. All that is essential to maintain it nice and tidy is routine sweeping. The slate floor has a rough texture and a variety of colours, making it a very tolerant carpeting surface. Because of its distinctive design, slate helps to conceal dirt and deterioration quite effectively, so even if it gets flaky or accumulates filth, it will be barely noticeable.

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